A powerful speaker, Mr. Kearse captivates audiences with his extraordinary presentations and workshops. His message is widely receptive among young people and adults who subscribe to the unwritten codes of the "streets" because he talks the same language they understand. His signature presentation is called "Changin' Your Game Plan" based on his hugely successful book titled, Changin' Your Game Plan: How I used incarceration as a stepping stone for SUCCESS.

A plain spoken individual Mr. Randy Kearse will leave anyone who hears him speak, inspired, motivated and full of hope for the future. Mr. Kearse’s powerful no-holds-barred, no excuses, take responsibility for your life message, is a message people from all walks of can benefit from.

Randy has appeared on TV, on the radio, in newspapers on numerous occasions. He has spoken to a wide range of audiences; from at-risk youth, to incarcerated adults and youthful offenders. He's spoken at reentry programs, halfway houses, churches, conferences, and a host of other venues. Mr. Kearse’s story, his work and his message of change offers the blueprint for breaking the chains of poor decision making and destructive behaviors.

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