Living A Life Powered By Change!

Randy Kearse spent 33 years of his life caught up in a cycle of crime, prison and destructive behaviors. Today he’s an accomplished author, powerful inspirational speaker and founder of Reentry Strategies, a company that creates prison reentry curriculums, video series, workshops, and presentations that help incarcerated and formerly incarcerated men, women, and justice-involved youth succeed during and after prison.

Randy’s inspiring transformation is changing the hearts, minds, and behaviors of the most street-hardened individuals. His journey of change is helping at-risk youth, incarcerated/formerly incarcerated and people struggling with addiction find purpose in their life.

Book Randy as a keynote speaker, presenter, or to facilitate a workshop at your conference, school event, reentry program, prison ministry. His powerful message of change will leave anyone who hears him speak, empowered and inspired.

“I was incarcerated way before I went to prison.. I was mentally incarcerated, which in-turn, led to my physical incarceration.”

“It’s not how much time I did, it’s what I did with the time that counts.”

“I’m not the product of my environment, I’m the product of my choices. It was true then and it is true now.”